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Well well, long time no see - how many times I say this in this year =p
Although I think I will have a lot of free time in this year but you donot know until it happens. I am too busy to build much models in this year. I will complete my chemistry bachelor in March and I will build more this year.
Thank you for supporting all in this year
- Over 1000 times people put my picture in there favourite
- Over 8000 page views
and more comments this year, sorry I can count them (too lazy :P)

I will try hard next year
Happy new year everyone, best wishes for you :D
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Hi everyone

Maybe one of you have seen new annoucement on our website about "indefinite break". Not like a member but like a pkm fan. I know how much you are sad, but I just want to say "IT IS JUST A BREAK NOT THE END"

I think that I also cause a reason due to my lazyness

I still make papercraft, still love pokemon even we can not post new models every mondays. There are many great models on our sites and this is time for me to make everything I love and can not make it.

I feel so bad, however I think we can be back one day
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Hello everyone ~ Toshi on air now =p

I have two good news for you.

First, I can control my account again. God blesses me ^^

It is a long time since the last journal, I have a big problem to log in because someone try to take my ID and password by try to change my password several times. I donot know it is a joke or ...., but it is really annoying. There are some emails said that I want to change my password, please confirm, but I donot do it >"<

Second, my project for graduation is on the way to complete, no to do anything in a rush. So it is time to complete two papercraft projects in this year....You will see it soon ~ HAHAHAHA

I really thank you for your comments, fav, Llama. I will reply all of them when I have more time. Really sorry

And the last ones

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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2011, 12:26 PM

It is October - Halloween month

:iconpaperpokes: is willing to submit new models for this halloween and do you want to see and build all ~ Come and visit us on


Back to main story, first follow :icondodoman75:, I think it is fun and I will do just for 10 person, hope I have enough person want me to do this ~ HAHAHAHA

If you comment on this journal, I'll reply back saying:

1. Something I learned about you looking at your dA page for 13 seconds.
2. What colour do you remind me of.
3. My first memory of you.
4. Something I've always wondered about you.
5. What I like the most of you.
6. I'll give you a weird name.
7. I'll tell you what it is on my shirt right now.
8. Tell you a pokemon you remind me of.
9. I'll challenge you to post this in your journal as well


Another crazy from me, I only have 2 pictures and reach 100 pictures in my gallery, 99th picture will be tropius - offical pictures which is showed on our website.

Do you want to be a lucky person to have a request from me, an old models which is released on paperpokes but refresh by me by taking ones of them outsite ~  

So I hope there is someone interested with my idea ~ HEHEHEHEHE

The rule is simple, all you need is look at our site and tell me 2 things

First - which models do you like best from paperpokes
Second - how many models we are released since begining to now

It is done, time for me to wait

REMEMBER I am willing to do more picture  - 101th, 102th, ...... if there is anyone interest :D:D:D:D


Accepted ~ I will publish answer on the day Murkrow is released on PP  ~ AND I want a Llama

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Wanna get a feature from me

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 7, 2011, 11:49 AM

>>> Be one of the first 18 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!

>>> For each of the 18 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.

>>> *Not required!* If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 17 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

>>> Link me to the journal you did

My favorite work from :icongandhi001: are
:thumb253321021: and :thumb255735745: and maybe this :thumb255555682:

The second ones is :iconcrimson-asylum: ~ This time is a little bit harder

Kai - Contest Entry Part 2 by Crimson-Asylum Gift for NekoNerdMiku by Crimson-Asylum --> I love this one

Last one is cat :thumb213826873: :D:D:D:D:D

The third one is from :iconbleach7878:. You are good photographer, I like most of your work but those are I love best

---> I like her face =P=p=p=p

Following is :iconsacredlugia: same 50% with my yahoo ID sacred_phoenix...... :)) But I choose 4 ~ Because I can not decide which one I like more

Sunset at Sea by SacredLugia and Ocracoke Island Lighthouse by SacredLugia for lucky see it through your eyes and share with evrybody

But this is your talent Chibi Italy Sketch - v.1 by SacredLugia and Hetalia Chibis Wallpaper by SacredLugia ---> this one as you told it is not your work but as I thought you pay attention to it and make not only me and APH fan happy so you need to cheer :D

Next person is...... welll maybe I will wait for more person

And this time is :icondodoman75: ~ It is not hard enogh to choose but I really like those ~ Maybe I will make those someday :))

Magnemite papercraft by dodoman75 Cherubi papercraft by dodoman75 Kabutops papercraft by dodoman75

The only thing I can say about three is awesome, marvelous and for you keep moving forward

So is there anyone to come and show your work and choose by ME HAHAHAHAHA

Now time come and two more people wanna get a feature from me

The first ones is :iconluisferrari:

Here is his best photo

Kanto Final StartersPapercraft by LuisFerrari, this one satisfy not only me and another papercraft

following next is A bit of my papercrafts XD by LuisFerrari, just a bit, many people want a bit like this but can not ~ Wanna kick him not only one but a lot of

The last one and it impresses me by his skill increase everyday and now it is the result
Snorlax papercraft by LuisFerrari

The second person want to have something from me is :iconelycian:  , the newest person I have talked to but she want a feature from me. I am happy to accept and when I see her gallery I am glad that I do not refuse her, because she is good no more than good is excellent ~ Here is her best jobs with my choice

Blastoise Papercraft by Elycian --> clean and quite good for newcomer, I like this ones

The second ones I want to use this as my desktop picture if she does not mind Lighting the Darkness by Elycian ~ It is good, remind me a story about phoenix, born from its ash . I really love this one ~ Keep moving forward

The last one is harder choice with me ~ I want to choose the picture with a lot of pokemon models in there but I see her pidgey, it is better than another and I think it is good enough for people who watches me know that everyone can grow and do better anytime if they try

Here is her pidgey Pidgey Papercraft by Elycian

And maybe I will end my feature here ~ See u next time ~ I will update my journal next week

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Happy birthday to me

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 2, 2011, 2:08 AM
Yeah ~ Today is my birthday ~ 23th birthday ~ Just 23 not 25 not 28 even 15 or 16 :D HAHAHAHAHA

It is also end of my summer so time to work ~ I am really back, this time is real.

Last time and last last time, also last last last time, I told I'm back but a lot of fun, vacation and trip to go so forget all. Do not be angry. I am still young, not so old to stay at home all the summer like everyone said that =p ~ It is sad when people said me too young to go vacation alone and too old to go for a trip. Even I am 4o or 5o or more, I will go everywhere to satisfy my habit and favorite :D

This time I am back to update my gallery :D ~ Today is Whiscash and Delcatty ~ I will upload more offical picture in next week, maybe 4 -5 pokemon :D

However, I need to take more outsite picture only if the weather's better ~ It is always rainning these day, I hate that. So calm down and wait

These are something I want to tell you:

- Paperpokes :iconpaperpokes: is change the domain to ~ Just tell for someone do not change their bookmark
- I cannot give any template of new pokemon until they are released on So stop spam my email , my note or anything :P~ It is really annoying
- You can search my Facebook with the name ~ Toshi Hijikata and please tell who you are :D
- Last thing, keep encourage our team by making more models and send us via email


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Pokemon, digimon and vocaloid

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2011, 5:32 AM
Hello ~ Everyone

Time to show me again after 5 days, going for a trip, it is really fun. And I want someone to be jealous. Hahahaha :D

Btw, do you see Harry Potter yet, I have just seen it, wow it is cool but it is different from the original story, a little bit upset =p

The last thing I am 22 now =P
Back to the main story, as you see in the tittle. I love pokemon so much then go digimon and now is vocaloid.

Pokemon  easily find at :iconpaperpokes: and download at with a whole amazing people and I am the one of them I am very proud of this

Digimon is my second dream beside pokemon, I donot have much information about digimon papercraft after see a journal in :icondestro2k: and I know :iconjyxxie: and :iconz8-0: are working on :iconpapermon:
Clap for them now :D

Vocaloid is the newest thing I like, as the same reason I donot have much papercraft of them except Hatsune miku and I really want someone can help me search vocaloid papercraft in the internet with your mother language, I donot have  much result in English searching. So please help me :(

Every help I will give a little present from me, like a picture of pokemon which released on :iconpaperpokes: outside, more help and more request from me :D ~ This is the only thing I can give for your kindness.

P/s: Thank you :iconoligig: for Len Kagamine papercraft. Love you :D

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Tada...........How old am I

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 18, 2011, 5:18 PM
Hello everyone ~ Long time to see

Anyone miss me ….. No one answer, yeah, a little but joking, I have been away from one month and my pictures which in people favourite still inscrease ~ It is so happy :D

My arm is better now, it is still shaking when I feel nervous but it is better now, I can make papercraft again. I will upload more and more.

Well, it is over =P ~ Just one to say hello and thank you everyone who support me.

The last thing, I am a little bit surprised….no a lot of, my mouth open and I repeat OMG over 10 times because of :iconluisferrari: ~ He makes me laugh a lot about my age ~

How old am I in your imagination ~ Tell me, I am so curious

:iconluisferrari: said that I am 15 :D

Anyone has another answer =p

P/s: About you – little boy, I really hate you right now, who care, if you love pokemon, donot do this, it is childish.
For another person, forget it. Just overwhelming feeling again =p

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---- Time to remember ----

For a long long time I have a big interest in pokemon

Last year I found Paperpokes and they attracted me from the first time ~ Time passed and now I am the testbuilder. At that time, I just sent them an email I want to testbuild their amazing model and they accepted

My first model for me to testbuild were combee and suicune. They were given for me by P-M-F and I can remember my feeling at that time: hot, my heart beated fast and I scream out.

Thank you Paperpokes so much. You bring my dream come true. Thank you

---- My future project---

As the last journal I have written, I want to create my own pokeworld with paperpokes model – I will do it like a big picture with a lot of pokemon and I want to call this pokeworld. The reason I wanna to do this because of paperpokes' model

This time I am unsuccessful because of a lot of reason
+ My camera is not good to take all the scence
+ I donot have enough models to make you understand where I metion

Sorry if I make you waiting for 3 weeks. I will try again in the future

--- And now ----

Time to see what I have done last month =P. Hope you like it :hug:

Maybe I will submit old models, maybe new models. Who knows…..I know =P

First is Vileplume and next is another grass type pokemon - Try to guess what it is ~ Hints: gen IV pokemon :D and she has many brothers and sisters

P/s: Donot ask me why I choose this journal skin ~ I love it and I feel sleepy :D
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Yesterday was hot, today is hot and maybe tomorrow is hot too ~ Sh*t ~ I hate hot weather

WHY DO NOT MAKE IT HOTTER ~ Evil smile *again*


This idea came out when I cannot sleep because of the hot weather :P

I will make a short or long story base on all the the pokemon papercraft aka paperpokés were released or are not ready to release

Do you want to join the story ?

To become a character in my story or your favorite pokemon will appear in the story

Are you curious ?

I have two answer for you ~ Choose one of them, you cannot have another choice

- Yes

or...... *evil smile*

- Of course

Which ones do you choose ~ muwahahahaha

Everyone say yes ~ Here is the rule

Every week on Wednesday ~ I will write a short paragraph which belongs to my story ~ The next paragraph will be the result of the last paragraph ~ You need to guess

- Which pokemon will appear on the next paragraph?


- What are they doing next ?


- What happen to them ?

It will have no ending until I am not crazy anymore ~ But it is a long long long time * evil smile *


The rewards I still think about this ~ Tell me which one do you want

- Name on the pictures as usual
- How to take pictures of pokemon outside
- The idea to take pictures of pokemon outside - I will tell you some idea
- The notes included something you need to avoid when making pokemon papercraft ~

P/s:  About this thing ~ I do not say that my skill is more than another member in PP ~ I think I am the worst :P ~ Believe me I have made a lot of mistakes and study by myself  ~ Hope this useful for you :D

I have a lot of trouble when I make pokemon papercraft ~ Hope it help and the notes besides in each post in is very helpful ~ You need to see this before asking me :P
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It is so hot ~ My parents have just buy an air conditioner today ~ But it is still hot ~ 6 hours and their worker does not complete building yet ~ AAAAAAAAAA

So still lazy

Cannot log in facebook ~ AAAAA ~ My farm, poor him

What will I do next :D:D:D

Anyone make articuno for me ~ I want her ~ I want all legendary bird ~ AAAAAAAAAAAAA

Playing pokemon leaf green again ~ Oh ~ Articuno always be cool
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Yay ~ Just for relaxing ~

I am so lazy just want to sleep all day ~ I start making new models and take pictures of those models I have done when I go on vacation but I am so lazy ~

Still thinking how to take pictures of new model ~ It is so hard ~ I can not think anything because it is so hot

eed to build a lot of color card stock ~ The old ones were in the basket because I pour a glass of orange juice on it when watching film ~ Hahahaha ~ Time to spend money :D:D

Anyone have any idea which color I will buy ~ I am confused with those >"<

* roll on the floor * * scream out  * It is so hot and I never to go out ~ It is Feb now, why it is so hot :( ~ It is cooler in the evening and the store is closed ~

Hahahahahaha ~ Phinea and Ferb always make me laugh :D:D:D
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3 weeks to go on a vacation, I feel much better from that day

Thank you everyone for encouraging me ~ Thank you so much

I have received a lot of comment, reply for my picture, my journal as well ~ I am so sorry because I can reply all the comment, reply but it is a liite late =P ~ I feel much better about this ~ Again, thank you

And, see a lot of new model ~ I think a lot of people will wait for this model ~ Who can guess who is next pokemon come out in my my gallery :D
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There is somewhere in the earth I belong ~ Have it or not ~ Someone tell me ~ I get crazy I do not want to stay here ~ I want to go somewhere I can live with my real emotion ~ I do not want to be a doll I want to live to smile to cry ~

I am a real human I want to cry ~ I shout out ~ I have my feeling ~ Please remember that ~ I am crazy now, anyone tell me what I did, what I do and will do ~ I get lost ~ Give me some reason to live ~ I want to die but I cannot ~ I am really scare ~ I have a lot of thing to be done ~ My future plan ~ Please just one times listen to me, watch me ~ I am not your doll ~ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa ~ I want to cry ~ I want to cry ~ Listen to me ~ Please listen to me ~ I am upset, I am disappointed ~ Why you do not know ~ You just say I never get angry because I easily forget anything you shout to me ~ Because I always smile ~ Why you donot know I am easily getting stressful and paintful after you shout at me ~ Why ~ Mother ~ Please look at me ~ I am a man but it is not the reason I cannot cry ~ I'm not strong ~ I just a normal person ~ Please look at me ~ Or you just know how you feel and not care how I feel ~ For many years, do you care how I feel…………………………………………………………………or you do not care

I want a place where I can scream out, I can live with my real emotion ……………
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Ok ~ I'm back

It is time to anwer the last question ~

It is 31st December  ~ It is the time when Altaria is released

Congratulation to :icondodoman75: ~ You will receive a picture of Altaria outside ~ Thank you for answering my question

I think it is quite boring to guess something sound unexciting ~ So I will stop making new questions until I have more ideas ~

Let's wait some new model on :iconpaperpokés: and my gallery too

Anybody want to know which pokemon will be next ~ HAHAHA ~ A little crazy

According to my timezone ~ Tomorrow is :iconz8-0: 's birthday ~ Go and cheer with him

Hope my present will be ready ~ Just over 80%
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Merry Christmas ~ Everyone ~ Hope you have the best time of ever with your family, your friends

Wishing you have many good things and feel happy all the time

P/s: not good at literature =p and I cannot go to everybody to give a greetings due to my fever but

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Yup ~ Toshi here

I will update my journal for a little ~ At this moment, I am a crazy builder ~ Just 1 - 2 model in nolines version in one day

You will see a lot of  new model come in one time. Calm down and shout :D:D:D

I will upload offical pictures first and make a question about those models ~ Who is the first person who have a best answer, I will give him/her a picture of the model outsite

Hope all of you like this :D:D:D:D

The question here

1 - Can you guess what is the time Altaria will be released :D:D

Here is her picture

2 - About Pachirisu ~ I have no idea ^^ Let me think about it
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Due to :iconp-m-f: and :iconz8-0: tell the hint ~ I donnot think they join and answer this but I donot know unless I'm read all comment again ~ So I will make a new question :D

For someone donot see the picture… and last question

A question for you - who can guess what pokemon mankey finds when he looks down ~ Who is the fastest person answer correct, I will make a special pokemon picture only for him/her

Yes it is Wynaut ~ But can you quess what is he doing :D

Now, try it P-M-F, z8-0 and another people :D

Ahh ~ I wanna say wynaut is designed by :iconp-m-f: will be released soon :D ~ :iconbleach7878: I will give you a picture as a present later ~ :iconp-m-f: and :iconz8-0: you get nothing ~ HAHAHAHA =P

Last thing, I will go for a trip for 4 days ~ See you later
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Yup ~ Toshi here

It is the most happy time of my life :D:D:D:D

PP use my pic of eevee for making a cover ~ Thank you so much :tighthug: :tighthug:

Cheer with me ~ Cannot stop smiling
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Do you remember me? Toshi here ^^

I’m really surprised with over 250 feedback messages although I haven’t submitted anything yet since 3 weeks ago. Thank you so much. I can’t reply for each of you but I feel so happy

About my absence for 3 weeks, I felt headache at the beginning at September and it began more and more. At that time, I think I got flu but five days later since my birthday, I could not think, do anything and sleep too. My mom told me to go to the hospital and they told me it was ok. Just because I was stress for a long time, they want me to try to sleep more and not to do anything else to relax but I couldn’t. Because a lot of thing happened but it is ok now. I’m angry with one person I do not know why she does this for me. But they is not important to me now.

As a result of my sadness, my parent take my computer, knife, paper and clue so I can't do anything except sleeping. I'm ok now. Don’t worry about me. I feel much better.  I will concertrate and show you more paper model ^^

I’ll upload somes sooner maybe tommorrow ^^. I start making ones now. Let’s wait and see. One more time, I really happy with people visiting my sites when I’m not here. Hug you all
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